Terri Kwan is three months pregnant

The Taiwanese celebrity announced the good news on New Year’s Day 

Terri Kwan is three months pregnant

Taiwanese celebrity Terri Kwan announced that she is three months pregnant via Weibo on New Year’s Day. In the post, the 38-year-old uploaded a picture from her ultrasound scan. She wrote: “Big welcome to the New Year, a whole new beginning... Isn’t her legs raised too high? The baby likes to prop her feet like mummy.”

While speaking to reporters, Terri shared that she is due to give birth to a “summer baby girl” in June or July.

After dating for over a year, Terri and her Hong Kong husband Christian Chu’s tied the knot in Maldives last May, in the company of their families and friends.

According to media reports, the couple’s wedding photoshoot, engagement ceremony and honeymoon were completed on the romantic island all in one go. The low-key affair was a surprise to many, as the actress is known for her wealthy background. 

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