Ticketing website crashes due to Jody Chiang’s farewell concert

The ticket release of Taiwanese Hokkien diva Jody Chiang’s farewell concert caused the ticketing website to crash due to the high demand

Fans scrambled to purchase the concert tickets upon Jody Chiang’s announcement of her official retire from the music industry after her series of 16 concerts between July and September later this year. Jody dropped the shocking news at the recent press conference of her concert tour “Best Wishes To You”.

According to reports of Taiwanese media, Jody’s concert tickets only began sales at noon yesterday. However, prior to the ticket release, many fans had eagerly queued overnight below the building of the concert organiser, Kham Ticket, and long queues formed at convenience stores in the morning.

As of yesterday morning, Kham Ticket’s website was operating normally but the website crashed immediately upon clicking on the option of Jody’s concert.

Subsequently, it is believed that the huge surge of traffic had crippled the Kham Ticket’s site server, only displaying the words “Service Unavailable” when fans attempted to enter the website.

It was also later revealed that at least 20 tries of refreshing the webpage was needed to successfully enter the website. However, an error message continues to show when fans tried to purchase the tickets.

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