Tiffany Hsu denies she’s dating Wang Po-Chieh

Actress insists they are just friends

Tiffany Hsu, Wang Po-Chieh

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, 31, has denied that she’s dating actor Wang Po-Chieh, 26, her co-star from crime thriller White Lies, Black Lies, saying they’re are just friends.

While promoting her horror movie The Tag-Along yesterday, Tiffany insisted she’s still single and isn’t seeing anyone. Asked about the time when Po-Chieh was spotted leaving her house an hour before she did, Tiffany said her family were at home then.

On the recent news that Po-Chieh reportedly tried to slash his wrist in 2010 over a failing relationship with actress Alice Ko, his co-star in the 2008 drama series Play Ball, Tiffany said, “Everyone has a backstory, and I’m in no place to comment on it.”

The Tag-Along was chosen as the closing film of the Golden Horse Film Festival, and in it Tiffany stars opposite actor River Huang, whose character repeatedly asks his girlfriend to get married. But Tiffany said she faces no such pressure in real life. “My mother hopes I won’t get married, and my grandfather won’t be able to bear it if I do.”

Bai Baihe, Ethan Ruan

Tiffany ended her eight-year relationship with Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan, 32, in March, reportedly over his repeated cheating. The latest rumoured third party is said to be Chinese actress Bai Baihe, 31, who has been in Taiwan filming a movie for more than a month.

Following Ethan’s motorcycle accident more than a week ago, Baihe is being closely watched to see if she will visit him. But instead the actress was spotted meeting up with Kai Ko and Christine Fan, and Taiwanese model–actor Ming Dao visited Baihe on set.

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