Tony Leung’s daughter celebrates 13 months with boyfriend

The actor’s elder daughter caught attention for uploading a photo of her locked in a passionate kiss

Award-winning actor Tony Leung Ka-fai - not to be confused with Tony Leung Chiu-wai, who is married to Carina Lau - has been thrust into the spotlight during the past year. The reason: his 21-year-old twin daughters, Nikkie and Chloe, have been posting attention-grabbing pictures of themselves on their respective social media sites – snaps of them in teeny-tiny scraps of cloth and/or engaging in public displays of affection with various men.

Tony, however, remains unperturbed. Older daughter Nikkie recently celebrated her 13th month of dating with her Caucasian boyfriend, uploading a photo in which she is locked in a passionate kiss with her beau.

It is understood that his daughters are studying at a university outside Vancouver, Canada, where Nikkie is pursuing an arts degree. She once uploaded a shot of her with her boyfriend but quickly deleted it, with some speculating that it was due to objections from her father.

This time, however, she had no qualms uploading the photo together with a caption declaring her love for her boyfriend, thanking him for giving her courage to try new things. She shared that the two went through a roller-coaster ride during their 13 months together and that their feelings grow by the day, ending off with the hope that their love will continue to blossom.

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