Valen Hsu held wedding banquet in Korea

The singer and her Korean husband threw a belated banquet in Korea last Friday

Valen Hsu held wedding banquet in Korea

Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu, who registered her marriage with Korean boyfriend Choi Jae Sung (nicknamed “Mr. Big”) last November, finally held her wedding banquet in Korea last Friday.

The venue was at Aston House, the location of popular Korean drama Hotelier and also a hot favourite for couples to hold weddings.

Although it poured halfway through the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony got delayed, it was still a heartwarming occasion. Valen was led down the aisle by her father and they exchanged vows in front of family members and close friends.

The couple dedicated songs to each other with the accompaniment of live musicians – Mr. Big sang ‘She’ and Valen crooned a Korean song ‘I Am In Love’.

40-year-old Mr. Big, a senior manager at S.M. Entertainment, was shy when it came to singing but found courage when the guests gave him a round of applause. The happy bride revealed she had secretly practiced the song two months ago to surprise her husband.

After a tear-jerking speech by Valen’s father, her celebrity friends Charlie Young, Angelica Lee, Tanya Chua, Angela Chang, Waa Wei and Fish Leong sang a Chinese classic ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ for the newly-weds.

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