Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo celebrate Lunar New Year in America

The couple dispels rumours of a broken marriage once again with their new photos

Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu and his Singaporean heiress wife recently returned to his home in America to celebrate Lunar New Year.

While the couple has been avoiding rumours of their marriage being on the rocks after getting into a heated argument with each other online last year, Taiwanese media recently reported that Arissa accompanied Vanness to visit his family over the festive season.

In a family photo that Vanness’ brother posted online, netizens quickly noticed the couple leaning closely to each other. Vanness is also seen perching his arm on Arissa’s shoulders sweetly, seemingly proving that their marriage is going strong.

In addition, Vanness updated his Instagram with a photo of him and Arissa donning matching sunglasses and flashing a peace sign together while on the trip.

The Taiwanese-American actor had also implicitly dispelled the rumours of his broken marriage earlier this month when he posted a photo of them sharing a passionate kiss.

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