Vivian Chow denies rocky relationship with Joe Nieh

The Hong Kong actress refuted claims that she and her husband sleep in different rooms 

Vivian Chow
At a recent event, Hong Kong actress Vivian Chow addressed reports of her rocky relationship with her husband Joe Nieh for the first time.
The couple was said to be sleeping in different rooms due to Joe’s increasingly reclusive behaviour. While speaking to the media, Vivian calmly said that the reports are “purely fictitious”.
“The two of us, along with our seven cats, are doing very well. I really enjoy and am thankful for our relationship,” she emphasised. “My husband and I have progressed from different stages [in a marriage], but we still have endless topics to talk about. We often chat late into the night.”
When asked if Joe has seen the sassy red dress that Vivian was dressed in, the actress laughed in reply: “There is no need to [show him]. It’s not that sexy and my husband trusts my fashion sense, so it is not an issue.”
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