Vivian Hsu says she is not pampered

The mother-to-be was recently criticised for being whiny and hard-to-please

Vivian Hsu says she is not pampered

Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu recently denied claims that she has become finicky and whiny due to her pregnancy.

The 40-year-old mother-to-be is known to be struggling with her first pregnancy as she was previously hospitalised for a month due to acute gastroenteritis and currently remains bed-ridden in her home due to her weak constitution. Despite her condition, Vivian remains positive and regularly shares bits of her daily life online.

However, netizens accused her of displaying ‘diva attitude’, claiming that “she has used 18 bottles of cream in four months to prevent stretch marks” and “her husband has to put on the oil for her while she watches dramas”. Others also claimed that “she has to eat six meals a day and her mother-in-law has to make special tonics for her”.

Yet, Vivian remains unaffected by the nasty comments and on Saturday (May 9), she kept to her usual practice and uploaded a photo of her lunch spread. In her captions, Vivian addressed the issue by stating that she is “not being fussy” and does want to be “waited on hand and foot by others”.

Vivian Hsu says she is not pampered

The 40-year-old added that she is “only diligently following her doctor’s instructions to stay in bed” and “doing it all for the sake of protecting the baby”.

As Vivian also needs a wheelchair to move about, she shared with disappointment, “I also wish to be move around freely like other mothers, shop for baby products and have a well-rounded experience of a first-time mother.”

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