Wallace Chung rumoured to be secretly married

The 40-year-old Hong Kong actor was speculated to have married his stylist for three years

Wallace Chung rumoured to be secretly married
Hong Kong legendary actor Wallace Chung was recently rumoured to have married his stylist three years ago.

Speculations of his marital status surfaced following his rising popularity due to Chinese drama My Sunshine. Wallace, who made his debut over 20 years ago, gained a strong standing in the industry after participating in drama series in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Despite being at the age of 40, Wallace reached his new career peak for his interpretation of the role of a 20-over-year-old man in My Sunshine.

Curiosity also rose with regards to Wallace’s mysterious love life, leading to claims by a netizen that Wallace had already tied the knot with his stylist Rita. The two are said to have known each other when Rita styled Wallace for his album All Eyes on Me which was released in 2010.

Netizens provided ‘proof’ that the two are indeed a couple, digging up old photographs of them wearing matching watches. Rita also matched Wallace’s description of his ideal type – an independent, jovial woman who has hair with a straight fringe and long legs – raising greater suspicion.

Wallace Chung rumoured to be secretly married
However, Rita is not the first rumoured partner of Wallace. Wallace and his co-star, Chinese actress Qi Fang, were also previously speculated to have married in secret. The rumour was later disproved when Qi Fang married a wealthy man.

Though Wallace remains relatively free of scandals to date, sources have repeatedly claimed that he is already married with children.

When asked about his love life, Wallace usually declined to comment or awkwardly denied his rumours. He has yet to address marriage speculations with Rita.

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