Wang Feng criticised by netizens for sponsored marriage proposal to Zhang Ziyi

Netizens are angry that almost everything, from the party’s venue to the diamond ring, was pre-planned and paid for by sponsors

Though Chinese rock singer Wang Feng’s ostentatious marriage proposal to Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi on her birthday was celebrated internationally after news broke last Saturday (Feb 7), netizens are now unhappy to learn that close to every detail of the luxurious proposal were paid for by sponsors.

Wang Feng, initially praised for his thoughtful planning, has been slammed for capitalising on the romantic moment.

Shortly after the night of Wang Feng’s marriage proposal, public relation companies were seen to swiftly publish press releases on the essential elements of the proposal – the NT$55 million (approximately S$2.33 million) 9.15 carat diamond ring, the elaborate flower arrangements at the venue and three sets of gowns that Ziyi wore that evening.

Netizens quickly realised that it could have all been part of an agreement for the companies to promote themselves through the event, and Wang Feng reportedly only needed to pay the remaining bill of NT$5 million (S$210,000).

Despite backlash from netizens, Ziyi, who officially turned 36 years old yesterday, continues to soak in the joy of being proposed to.

Ignoring malicious comments, she posted photos of her in front of a wall of roses at her memorable birthday party with celebrity friends like Han Geng and Guo Jingming and admitted in her photo caption that she wailed uncontrollably when she experienced the warmth of her friends.

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