Wang Xiaofei wrote Shone An’s name wrongly in dedication post

Netizens flared at Wang Xiaofei who wrote a wrong Chinese character in the late Shone An’s name

Wang Xiaofei wrote Shone An’s name wrongly in dedication post

Earlier today, Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu’s entrepreneur husband Wang Xiaofei dedicated a Weibo post in remembrance of Shone An, who passed away at the age of 31 on June 1 due to liver cancer.

However, he used the wrong Chinese character in Shone’s Chinese name, angering netizens and fans who questioned if it was an intentional move. One netizen even retorted at his Weibo post, “True friends don’t get your name wrong. True friends will try their best to be there for you through thick and thin, not only be there for them at the end.”

Shone’s funeral commenced at 11 am in his hometown in Tainan today and his relatives as well as his close celebrity friends, including Taiwanese singer Esther Liu, arrived earlier at the Tainan City Mortuary Services Office to help his family with the preparations before paying their last respects.

Taiwanese actress Ady An, who cried uncontrollably about his death, was still busy on a shoot in Shenzhen and could only help with the the funeral arrangements over the phone.

Another of Shone’s closest friends Samingad, an aboriginal Taiwanese singer, just had a caesarean section delivery and was unable to attend the wake, but woke up early this morning to personally prepare his favourite drunken roasted chicken in honour of him.

The Taiwanese pop singer said that she will never forget Shone and hopes that he will rest in peace.

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