What does it take to be Gillian Chung’s boyfriend?

The Hong Kong singer-actress shares the requirements her potential boyfriend must have

What does it take to be Gillian Chung’s boyfriend?

Fans of Gillian Chung, you may just be in luck. The Hong Kong singer-actress recently admitted to being ready for a new relationship and publicly listed the qualities she hopes for her potential boyfriend to possess.

Though the 34-year-old was once mistaken to be dating Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu after she had ended her relationship with her Korean boyfriend Tyler Kwon in 2013, Gillian, in fact, remains unattached till date.

While attending a charity dinner yesterday evening, she revealed her desire and enthusiasm to fall in love again. She lamented for not having a suitor and even asked the reporters to recommend her a boyfriend, commenting boldly, “Anyone who thinks they have what it takes (to be my boyfriend) can give it a try.”

Speaking on what she is looking for in her suitor, Gillian quipped, “(He) doesn’t have to be very handsome. As the saying goes ‘to each his own’, I’m fine as long as (he) looks alright and resemble my former (boyfriend). (He) needs to be kind and must be filial to (his) parents. I wouldn’t mind even if (he) is a celebrity.”

When asked if she has been actively going to gatherings to make new friends and look for a potential partner, Gillian mockingly claimed that she is an otaku (someone who rarely leaves home).

On the other hand, reporters were also curious to know if former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung was a third-party who interfered in Gillian’s relationship with Tyler.

However, Gillian strongly denied the claim, saying in a determined tone, “Of course not!”

Then, would her failed relationship with Tyler be an obstacle for her to fall in love again?

Gillian replied coolly, “We mature in life and every relationship is like a life lesson. It helps us kick our bad habits so that we can become better and have a longer lasting relationship the next time.”

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