Who came out tops for I Am a Singer Season 3?

Local songbird Kit Chan was among the lineup for the pilot episode of the third season

News of local songbird Kit Chan participating in I Am a Singer Season 3 was confirmed earlier this week. She subsequently flew to Changsha, China for the recording, with the pilot episode slated to air next Friday.

The results of the first episode, however, have been revealed by one of social networking site Weibo’s users. Chinese powerhouse Han Hong came out tops whereas singer-songwriter Anson Hu is said to have come in last.

Han Hong was said to have sang ‘It’s Dawn’ to clinch her top spot, with second-place Zhang Liangying crooning ‘Only for Love’. A-Lin came in third with ‘Give Me a Reason to Forget you’, effectively sealing the monopoly of the top three spots by Chinese singers.

Coming in fourth and fifth were Sun Nan and Leo Ku respectively, with ‘Have you Ever Loved Me?’ and ‘Love and Honesty’. Kit Chan was said to be in sixth position with ‘Xin Dong’ off her 2011 album Re-interpreting and Anson Hu rounded up the list with ‘Hills’.

According to those present at the recording, Han Hong and Sun Nan had the loudest cheers of the night. The 43-year-old gave a demonstration of her vocal prowess after being crowned champion, leading the audience to give her yet another uproarious round of applause.  She is said to have shed emotional tears after going backstage.

Zhang Liangying showcased her signature ‘dolphin voice’ with her performance but also included lower-keyed emotional parts into her performance. Leo Ku, who is also hosting the show, is said to be commanding RMB1.2 million (S$255,000) per episode.

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