Wilber Pan’s rumoured girlfriend shows up at his concert

The 35-year-old actor and singer does not deny the rumours but says he is not in a rush to get married

Taiwan-based singer Wilber Pan’s rumoured girlfriend was spotted by the media at his concert at the Taipei Arena last Saturday (Jan 31). Though the 34-year-old did not deny dating rumours, he said he is in no rush to settle down.

Wilber returned to the big stage after being forced to postpone his concert indefinitely when he sustained a 17cm long cut on his head during his concert rehearsal last October.

According to Taiwanese media, Wilber’s rumoured girlfriend Bebe, an heiress of a construction company in Taiwan, was in the audience showing support for the singer. Seated in the first row in front of the extended part of the stage, Bebe watched him attentively and moved along with the music from time to time.

The two were first speculated to be a couple when Wilber was seen at Bebe’s sister’s wedding in 2010 but Wilber brushed off the rumours, claiming that they were simply classmates. When Bebe was spotted driving Wilber’s car in and out of his apartment in January last year, he also insisted that he simply lent his car to ‘a good friend’.

Though the 34-year-old prefers to keep his love life private and has never admitted to any of his rumoured relationships, he once revealed his wish to settle down before he turns 35.

As he would be turning 35 in August, the media asked Wilber during his concert’s after-party if his big day is near.

The witty singer laughed them off but did not deny that he is in a relationship. He also claimed that he would invite the media to share his joy when he gets married in the future, but quickly changed his mind and said that he wants to hold a simple wedding on an uninhabited island with only his family and close friends as witnesses.

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