Wilber Pan’s Taipei Arena concert rescheduled to Jan 31

The Taiwanese singer posted a 50-second clip to announce his return 

On Sunday, Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan announced that his long-awaited Taipei Arena concert has been rescheduled to Jan 31 via a 50-second video.

The show was originally scheduled to take place on Oct 25, when Wilber unfortunately injured his head during rehearsal for his mid-air stunt segment one day before the concert. The singer suffered a concussion and was left with a 17cm wound on his scalp.

Last week, Wilber uploaded a photo of the top that he was wearing at the time of the incident. He wrote: “I got this back from the laundry. Although there are no blood stains, I still get nervous when I see this shirt. But I will face [my fear] and overcome it.”

After nearly two months of recuperation, the 34-year-old has declared his return via his official website. In the post, Wilber shared that the only thought that ran through his mind after the incident was “Can I still perform?”.

When the singer woke up after the surgery, he told himself that he “must return to Taipei Arena to finish the show”. In the video that was attached to his post, Wilber declared “I am back”, fully displaying his resolve. 

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