William So reveals photos from wedding shoot

The Hong Kong singer-actor will hold his wedding on Dec 2

Hong Kong celebrity William So, who will tie the knot with his girlfriend Anita on Dec 2, recently released photos from his wedding shoot in Las Vegas. As the singer happened to be in the city for his group Big Four’s concert at that time, William invited his members Dicky Cheung, Andy Hui and Edmond Leung to take part in the photoshoot.

As seen from the photos, the group imitated scenes from American film The Hangover, posing in comical and quirky styles. Andy even removed his shoes and showed off his bare feet, while Edmond acted as a priest presiding over the couple’s wedding.

“They were drinking for real! My wife and I didn’t drink because we still had many pictures to take,” William laughed. “They continued the party in the hotel room after that, but the two of us had to travel to the desert, so we couldn’t afford to get drunk.”

The 47-year-old also expressed his gratitude to his buddies who gamely helped out at the shoot without resting after their concert.

According to William, the guest list for his 50-table banquet includes Grasshopper, Eddie Ng, Tak Fan Au Yeung, Wilfred Lau, Mark Lui, Marcus Wong and more. Cantopop star Eason Chan and his wife Hilary Tsui will be the chief witnesses at the wedding. 

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