Work takes a toll on Sammi Cheng’s health

The 43-year-old only has half of her original hearing ability due to an ear infection

Hong Kong singer and actress Sammi Cheng revealed on Jan 17 that she had lost half of her original hearing ability due to an ear infection.

The 43-year-old broke the news in a photo caption attached to her selfie taken while relaxing and busking under the sun in a black bikini.

However, this is not the first time in the year that the singing diva had fallen sick.

While preparing for her concert tour Touch Mi World Tour 2014 at the Hong Kong Coliseum early this month, Sammi went on monstrous training and a strict diet three months ahead of the concert. Despite Sammi’s meticulous care over her health, she injured her right leg and suffered an infection, requiring numerous jabs to ease her pain to endure through the 12 shows of her tour.

Sammi also wrote in her photo caption that she is currently on antibiotics to keep her ear infection under control. Sammi, with the intention of taking a good break after her successful concert tour, also expressed her joy when her doctor gave her the permission to travel by air.

“That’s great! After the end of the concert tour I have worked hard for three months, I only hope to take a break away from here and feel relaxed,” she stated.

Netizens sang praises that the 43-year-old looked sexy, bright and beautiful in her selfie, while her fans wished that she would recover quickly.

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