Xiu Jie Kai and ex-girlfriend are “still friends”

The two met again at a wedding two nights ago, treating each other as distant acquaintances

Xiu Jie Kai and ex-girlfriend are “still friends”

Taiwanese Black and White 2 actor Xiu Jie Kai attended singer-actor Darren Qiu’s wedding two days ago, without his actress girlfriend Alyssa Chia. His ex-girlfriend, Wang Siping (also known as Jenna Wang), was also present at the wedding and the two were seen exchanging greetings at the end of the banquet for the first time since their breakup.

According to Taiwan media reports, the former couple was seated tables apart and 32-year-old Jie Kai took the initiative to say hello to 27-year-old Siping, who responded with a smile, showing that they are still friends.

Despite exchanging greetings, the ex-couple were not seen in any photos together. That evening, Siping posted pictures with other Taiwanese celebrities Hong Xiaoling, Harry Chang, Chen Zhiqiang (also known as John) and some others on Instagram and wrote, “So many familiar faces.” At the same time, Jie Kai only uploaded one photo with Xiaoling.
When asked to comment on her relationship with Jie Kai, Siping simply said that there is “no bad blood” between them. “We are still friends but we do not contact each other often,” she added.

Previously, both Jie Kai and Siping were invited to Taiwanese actor Mark Chao’s wedding but the latter was absent as she was filming for the TV series, HARU.

It was reported that their three-year underground relationship did not work out and no specific reason was given for their breakup. The actor eventually fell in love with his current girlfriend and single mother Alyssa after parting ways with Siping. 

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