Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng rumoured to have married in Las Vegas

Netizens believe the couple went on a honeymoon trip in Las Vegas over the new year break

Chinese award-winning actress and her fiancé Chinese rock singer Wang Feng were speculated by netizens to have secretly married after photos of the couple’s recent trip to Las Vegas surfaced online.

Wang Feng had previously won the heart of his beau when he proposed to Ziyi with a 9.15 carat diamond ring at her birthday party earlier this month.

While malicious rumours such as disputes between their families had repeatedly surrounded them over the month, Wang Feng and Ziyi’s mood remained unaffected.

Last week, netizens saw the couple touring Las Vegas lovingly over the Lunar New Year break and uploaded photos that they have snapped of them.

In the photos, Wang Feng was seen playing card games at a casino while Ziyi enjoyed a cup of tea while waiting for him. Then, he accompanied Ziyi to a shooting range and joyfully watched and snapped photos of her while she kneeled in a professional manner and focused on the target intently.

While some netizens praised the couple for being sweetly in love, others also speculated that they may have secretly registered for their marriage in Las Vegas and were on their ‘honeymoon trip’, as it is a common practice for celebrities who wish to keep their marriage low-profile.

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