Zhang Ziyi tearfully accepts Wang Feng’s proposal

The Chinese rocker went down on bended knee in the presence of loved ones

Looks like Zhang Ziyi’s previous declaration of wanting to settle down soon as she is “not young anymore” worked – her beau, Chinese singer Wang Feng went down on bended knee at a birthday party he organised for her – and she tearfully said yes.

Wang Feng reportedly invited friends and family to celebrate her 36th birthday, with reports claiming that the bash cost millions of Chinese Yuan to organise. Among the event-goers included Lee Hom, Na Ying and Guo Jingming.

He had the ring flown in via a white drone while accompanied by romantic music, with the ring reportedly boasting a 9.15 carat diamond and is said to be from London. In addition, he is believed to have gifted her with a bracelet encrusted with rubies and diamonds.

As part of his proposal, Wang Feng said, “We’ve experienced happiness and heartache [together]. I hope that Ziyi can always have the most blissful time. I’ll still look after you even when we’re old.”

The declaration was met with thunderous applause and catcalls and Ziyi was said to have been too shocked to respond before shouting “Yes” while tears streamed down her face. The two then embraced under an extravagant display of fireworks.

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