Zhou Xun is feminine in the eyes of husband Archie Kao

Contrary to the Chinese actress’ strong image on screen, Archie Kao says she exudes feminine vibes

Zhou Xun is feminine in the eyes of husband Archie Kao
Chinese-American actor Archie Kao and husband of Chinese actress-cum-singer Zhou Xun praised his wife for her  feminine vibes.

At the grand launch of fashion brand H&M’s first branch in Taiwan on the night of Feb 11, the couple made an appearance as models for the brand’s latest Chinese New Year collection and shared about their lives as newlyweds.

Last August, the public was shocked to learn of the flash marriage between the 40-year-old actress and the 45-year-old actor, as the former is largely based in China while the latter in America.

Though Zhou Xun is affectionately known by many as ‘Mr Zhou’ for her strong image and boyish vibes on the silver screen, Archie surprised Taiwanese media when he revealed her softer side off screen.

“People may feel that she is like a boy when they watch her shows but I have never felt so. To me, she exudes feminine vibes,” he chirped.

Adding on, Zhou Xun also commented that her biggest change after being married is learning how to cook for her husband.

The couple displayed their affection for each other at the event, showcasing their wedding rings and exchanging sweet nothings from time to time.

While the couple is collaborating for the first time by modelling for H&M, photos of the two seemingly co-starring in a new film had circulated online.

At the event, Zhou Xun said that they would not intentionally choose to star in the same movie. Her manager also stated that the photos were taken at another commercial shoot, not a film site.

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