2PM earns the most money in JYP

CEO Park Jin-young gave a peek into what’s happening at JYP Entertainment

2PM earns the most money in JYP

JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin-young revealed that boy group 2PM is the label’s highest earning artiste.

Meeting with various Korean media outlets in a Gangnam café on November 4, the multi-hyphenate candidly responded to questions about the goings-on in the label. The 42-year-old celebrated his 20th year in showbiz this year.

He denied that miss A’s Suzy earns the most in the company and shared, “It’s 2PM – they make a lot of money due to overseas (activities).” He continued, “Their popularity in Japan and China is amazing.” 2PM released their fourth studio album, Go Crazy! this year and kicked off their world tour in Seoul on October 3.

Suzy is arguably the face of the company, having multiple solo activities that include a wealth of endorsements. In 2014 alone, she has become the ambassador for Cartier’s LOVE and Juste un clou collections and Sprite, among several others.

He went on to reveal, “miss A is likely only able to have their comeback in the summer of next year as Suzy is filming for her new movie.” The female quartet’s last studio album Hush was released last year.

Suzy will star in her first leading movie role in period film Dorihwaga, which is slated for a 2015 release.

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