Ahn Jaehyun, Goo Hyesun declare their love for each other

The couple’s sweet text conversation was revealed in a variety show


Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun were recently spotted on their way to Jeju Island for their supposed wedding photoshoot. However it turns out that the two were there to shoot a ‘couple photoshoot’ for a magazine, who released some ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots yesterday.

The reel-to-real life couple met while working on the set of vampire drama Blood and announced their relationship in March, with their wedding date set on May 21.

Ever since the announcement of their relationship, the May-December couple’s sweet interactions have heated up the online community, with Jaehyun’s recent comments on the variety show New Journey to the West 2 adding fuel to the fire.


On the show, Jaehyun invited Kang Hodong and the rest of the cast members over to his house, where he was questioned about his life with Hyesun. Jaehyun revealed that the couple have never had a big fight and revealed that Hyesun once told him “she’ll be very sad” without his presence in her life.

Later, the cast members played a game in which Jaehyun, Hodong and Lee Sooguen had to text their other halves, and the person who receives an ‘I love you’ as a response to their text will be declared the winner.


Jaehyun then proceeded to confidently send out a short text of “I love you, my wife,” only to get an amused laugh from Hyesun, leaving Jaehyun a little dejected.

However, shortly after that, Hyesun sent an ‘I love you’ message to Jaehyun, as if she had telepathically heard Jaehyun’s wishes. The couple’s sweet interaction left the audience gushing that even with “100 pairs of sunglasses”, they still wouldn’t be able to avoid seeing their sweetness.


Photos: PBE Media

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