B1A4’s eight-member sister group revealed

WM Entertainment has yet to confirm details of their debut

B1A4’s eight-member sister group revealed

Photo: WM Entertainment

B1A4 will soon see its sister group debut. While their group’s name has yet to be officially announced, the label’s usage of the #OMG hashtag may be a hint to their group name.

Having created an official site and social media account for the group, WM Entertainment first teased with photos that excluded the members’ faces but later updated their channels with full photos of the girls.

Made up of Mimi, Jiho, YooA, SeungHee, JinE, ARin, Binnie and HyoJung, the upcoming girl group has adopted an interesting way of presenting their teasers – in the form of a video that sees the girls mostly standing still within their frames but taking turns to adjust their clothing, glance around and blow kisses.

Although further details have yet to be revealed, curiosity over the group’s debut has undoubtedly been piqued.

The group is expected to debut in the first half of this year. 

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