Baby KARA’s Sojin passes away

The police are said to be investigating the case

Baby KARA’s Sojin passes away

Photo: DSP Media

Baby KARA’s Sojin has been reported to have passed away.

Current reports from various Korean media outlets have had conflicting accounts of the circumstances surrounding the death of the DSP trainee, but the majority has mentioned that she was discovered alive but was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

DSP confirmed the news of her passing and declared that they would help her family in this difficult time.

Sojin was first introduced through the Kara Project, a reality series in which a new member for the girl group was chosen after Nicole and Jiyoung left the group.

As the oldest of the trainees introduced in the show, Sojin had reportedly trained for over five years but did not get the chance to formally debut before her passing.

In an interview on the first episode on Kara Project, Sojin showed her passion for her dream when she said, “I expect a lot of criticism (if I join Kara) but I know that they are just a kind of interest, so I’ll work harder and give great performances so that all criticisms will be proven wrong.” 

Police investigations on the case are currently ongoing.

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