BIGBANG’s album is in the works

Member Taeyang revealed the much-anticipated news at his solo concert

BIGBANG’s album is in the works

Korean boy band BIGBANG last released their full album Alive in 2012, which featured radio-friendly songs such as ‘Blue’, ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’. More than two years later, the group, which consists of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, have yet to return with a group effort.

BIGBANG has instead been focusing on solo activities. All the members have had solo releases since Alive. T.O.P has also been focusing on his acting career, most recently making waves for having a shirtless scene in Tazza: The Hidden Card.

Taeyang revealed at his solo concert last week (October 10 – 12) that BIGBANG will be returning with a group effort soon. He commented, “We made everyone worry with the minor and major issues we’ve had and it seems like we get swept away by large waves but once the storm passes, bright skies and clear air follow. I believe that BIGBANG’s comeback will be a good starting point (for that).”

He continued, “This will be the ninth year since our debut and I’ve been preparing to return with the members and good music. I want to pay everyone back with good music because we’re thankful for (fans). I hope that everyone continues supporting and watches over the five rascals’ futures.”

Leader G-Dragon previously hinted in August that the group would have their comeback soon, but youngest member Seungri’s car accident led to uncertainty of whether BIGBANG would be able to stage their return as scheduled.

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