BOYFRIEND & VIXX release comeback teasers

The Korean boy bands will return this month with mysterious concepts

BOYFRIEND & VIXX release comeback teasers

Fans of Korean boy bands BOYFRIEND and VIXX will be in for a treat as both groups are scheduled to make their respective comebacks this month.

BOYFRIEND will be returning with Witch, their second Korean release of the year. The group will kick off their television promotions on October 9 and release their third mini album on October 13. Their concept photos show the sextet in bold makeup red cloaks, which is starkly different from their previous hip-hop inspired concept.

VIXX will be releasing their album a day after BOYFRIEND, with their music video dropping an hour after their second mini album is released at midnight. While VIXX has yet to reveal their album title, fans are already eagerly anticipating their next song which their agency declared will be the “strongest since their debut”.

BOYFRIEND’s last Korean release was Obsession in June and VIXX’s was Eternity in May.

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