Cha Seung Won sued by man claiming to be birth father of Cha No Ah

Cha Seung Won sued by man claiming to be birth father of Cha No Ah

车胜元认儿非亲生 遭生父索赔1亿韩元1

On Oct 5, Korean TV station channel A reported that a man known as “Mr. Cho” has filed a lawsuit against actor Cha Seung Won and his wife at Seoul Central District Court in July.
Claiming to be the birth father of the couple’s son Cha No Ah, the man demanded compensation of 100 million Korean won (approximately S$100,000) for his “damaged reputation”. Mr. Cho also allegedly said that the couple hid the truth on purpose while Seung Won had claimed No Ah as his own son, which “hurt his pride”.

In response to the reports, Seung Won’s agency YG Entertainment released an official statement to confirm that the actor is not the birth father of No Ah.

The statement read: “Cha Seung Won got married 22 years ago and set up a family with his wife as well as her three-year-old son Cha No Ah from her previous marriage. He treats No Ah like his own child and he has never regretted his decision back then. Seung Won is deeply saddened by the hurt his family is suffering [from the reports], and he promises to continue protecting them.”

车胜元认儿非亲生 遭

After the news broke, many fans have showed support for Seung Won, who is known to be a doting dad. “This is so touching. He’s a real man,” a netizen wrote.

No Ah, who is a professional gamer, was arrested for marijuana abuse last October. Initially sentenced to six-month imprisonment, the 24-year-old later received a suspended sentence and is currently undergoing a two-year probation. “As the father of a son who has gotten into trouble, I am heartbroken,” Seung Won said during an interview last year. 

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