Dugeun Dugeun India off to a rocky start

The variety show has been plagued with controversy even before filming began

Dugeun Dugeun India off to a rocky start

Looks like Dugeun Dugeun India is off to a rocky start. Starring Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, TVXQ!’s Changmin, EXO’s Suho, INFINITE’s Sunggyu and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, affectionately known as the Kyu-line, the cast and crew set off for India for filming earlier this month.

While its producer, Lee Yi Ji, assured that all measures would be taken for the filming to be completed successfully, fans of the idols are reported to have strongly opposed the programme due to safety concerns.

As such, the team kept the departure date tightly under wraps and managed to leave Incheon Airport safely. What they did not expect was the large crowd of fans who are said to have waited for over 20 hours for the stars to arrive and that the crew claimed blocked them from leaving the airport due to the same safety concerns shared.

There were also widespread rumours on social networking sites of staff members searching fans’ personal belongings. This was strongly refuted by the production team and further clarified that they merely requested for those present to avoid taking photographs and spreading information about the filming process to avoid spoiling the show for the audiences.

Some also claimed that they were threatened with the show’s cancellation if they caused a commotion at the airport, which was also flatly denied by the crew.

Additionally, they maintained that they will continue to prioritise safety above all and that a dedicated security team and police escorts are with them at all times.

Dugeun Dugeun India has yet to confirm its air date on KBS.

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