EXID’s Hye Rin Reveals Transformed Look

EXID’s Hye Rin Reveals Transformed Look


EXID’s Hye Rin has revealed a transformation with short hair.

On May 12, Hye Rin posted 2 photos of her new hair with the message, “Surprise transformation! The comeback is near.”The hairstyle in the photo, which is the shortest hairstyle for Hye Rin since her debut, is boyish but also cute and has a youthful charm. The image has increased the fans’ expectations and curiousity for the comeback.

EXID is making a comeback after only 7 months since their digital single Hot Pink released in November 2015. Hye Rin revealed the transformation in the midst of her preparations for the new album and shows the change in her look and passion for the comeback.

The agency stated, “Recently, all the members changed their hairstyles to match the album concept,” and, “Hye Rin especially went through a short cut transformation to highlight her small face and to show more of her cute charm.”

Meanwhile, Hye Rin’s group EXID will make their comeback early June.

Photo credit: EXID Hye Rin Instagram

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