Girl’s Day slammed for behaviour on internet broadcast show

The girls were critisised for their nonchalant attitudes and rudeness towards the host

Girl’s Day slammed for behaviour on internet broadcast show

Photo: Dream Tea Entertainment

Girl’s Day has been slammed for their behaviour on a recent episode of ChoiKoon TV, an internet broadcast programme. In the one hour show hosted on Afreeca TV, viewers slammed them for the numerous instances where the girls displayed condescending or nonchalant behaviour.

The show, which regularly hosts celebrities such as Ailee, Lee Chaeyeon and Seo In Young, is extremely popular and has a large, dedicated group of fans.

Among the snippets in which the netizens found fault with is one where Sojin was offered a plate of mandu (dumplings) but promptly put them away after stating that the quintet does not eat them. His attempts at humouring them were then met with a sigh. Following which, she fed him a mandu from her chopsticks but changed it into a new pair after seeing that his lips touched them.

Minah and Hyeri were also critisised for speaking to the host, Choi Koon, in what seemed like a condescending tone in numerous instances throughout the broadcast. Additionally, his question to Minah about her age was ignored and ultimately unanswered verbally.

Netizens were quick to say that Yura was the only member who showed the show and Choi Koon the respect they deserved. While the other members were eating or speaking amongst themselves, she was seen trying to engage in conversations with him.

Choi Koon later uploaded a statement clarifying that Girl’s Day was in no way rude to him and that he tried to have a different sort of show with the girl group which ultimately led to the misunderstandings.

Girl’s Day returned with title track ‘Ring My Bell’ on July 7 and held a comeback showcase on July 6, for which the group was widely criticised for their outfits, which bared more of their skin that many were comfortable with. Sojin, in particular, attracted negative sentiments after shots of her in which she seemed to have gone commando under her shorts surfaced.

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