GLAM’s Dahee released on bail; posts apology to her mother

The former girl group member was released together with model Lee Ji Yeon after being charged for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun

Photos: Big Hit Entertainment, Dahee's Instagram (@94.03.30)

Former GLAM member Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon have been released on bail after being charged for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun.

The two were sentenced to jail with Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon having to serve one year and 14 months respectively earlier this year after being found guilty of blackmailing the star for approximately KRW5 billion (S$6.16 million).

Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon are said to be appealing the sentence. The prosecution is also reported to be appealing for the pair to serve three-year jail terms instead.

In her first post after being released, she posted an image of Korean words which read, “Happy birthday to the angel mother that I love. I love you!” Accompanying the image hashtags that included “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry once again” “I’m thankful to my mom”. She has since deleted her Instagram account for unspecified reasons.

Big Hit Entertainment, which manged GLAM, officially announced the group’s disbandment after the scandal arose, citing the quartet’s requests for contract termination as the reason.

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