Gritty trailer for Lee Min Ho’s Gangnam 1970 released

The actor will shed his flower-boy image for his role as a gangster in the movie

Lee Min Ho will shed his flower-boy image seen in dramas Boys over Flowers and The Heirs for his upcoming movie, Gangnam 1970. Originally titled Gangnam Blues, the action-noir flick revolves around gangsters who exploit the then-developing Gangnam district in Seoul.

The lanky actor was in Singapore last month for OSIM’s 35th anniversary celebrations, where he shared that “audiences may wonder if the person they’re seeing on-screen is really Lee Min Ho” as he took drastic measures, such as not moisturising his face for months to attain the rougher image that the role requires.

Co-starring Kim Rae Won (A Thousand Days’ Promise), they play a pair of orphaned sworn brothers who grew up together that set out to make their fortune together. As the two acquire more wealth and power, they find themselves facing each other as their biggest adversary in the battle to emerge as top dog.

Gangnam 1970 will premiere in November.

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