Hyde, Jekyll Me ends run on dismal note

The show, which stars top actors Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, recorded a series average of 5.3% in ratings 

Hyde, Jekyll Me ends run on dismal note

Photo: SBS

Hyde, Jekyll Me has ended its 20-episode run with dismal ratings. The show’s failure to draw viewers despite starring top actors Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min was largely blamed on a poor script.

The series aired its pilot episode on January 21 and recorded its highest ratings at 8.6% (AGB Nielsen), after which it saw ratings plunge to as low as 3.5% in episode 17. Many netizen comments shared their frustrations of watching a drama that was written and produced badly, with some citing a badly inserted CGI gorilla in the first episode as part of the ways that the show was executed poorly.

Some have even gone on to say that the writer had no actual knowledge of multiple personality disorders, which is the centre of the show’s premise. The lack of proper pacing and the shift of focus on secondary character developments rather than the leads’ were also issues raised by viewers.

This contrasted greatly with the drama that aired prior to this in the same time slot, Pinocchio, which saw its series finale clock in a commendable 13.3% (AGB Nielson) despite facing stiff competition from other dramas airing at the time. Pinocchio’s finale also saw its ratings hit a series high.

With the end of Hyde, Jekyll Me, the spotlight is now on the next drama to follow – The Girl Who Sees Smells, starring Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung.

The Girl Who Sees Smells is slated to air its pilot episode on April 1.

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