iKON’s eliminated contestants to stay on at YG

Yang Hong Suk and Jung Jin Hyung met with label founder Yang Hyun Suk to discuss their futures

Photo: YG Entertainment

Upcoming YG boy group iKON recently confirmed its lineup after the results of voting on survival show MIX & MATCH were revealed.

B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan were confirmed as members even before the voting began, and members Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, Junhoe and Chanwoo were later revealed to round up the team. The group was originally known as Team B in another survival programme, Who Is Next: WIN, in which Team A eventually triumphed and went on to debut as WINNER.

Even before their debut, iKON will be opening for seniors BIGBANG for the latter’s upcoming Japan Dome Tour – an honour that WINNER was bestowed for BIGBANG’s previous tour.

Yang Hong Suk and Jung Jin Hyung were ultimately eliminated from iKON and met with YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun Suk, to discuss their futures. The two decided to stay on with the label as trainees and will reportedly focus on honing their talents.

iKON has yet to confirm its official debut date.

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