Jessica reiterates: I was forced out of Girls’ Generation

The former Girls’ Generation member told her side of the story in an official statement

Jessica Jung

Photo: Getty Images

Following her shocking exit from popular Korean girl group Girls’ Generation yesterday, Jessica released an official statement via her fashion label BLANC this morning.

In the statement, the 25-year-old singer said that she was “one-sidedly asked to leave the group” due to the conflict of interest between her newly established business and Girls' Generation activities, despite previously coming to an agreement with her agency S.M Entertainment and fellow members, one month ago.

According to Jessica, while she was planning for the launch of BLANC in August, the aspiring designer had sought permission from S.M and understanding from her fellow members. In early September, however, the eight members allegedly held a meeting and told Jessica to choose between her business and Girls’ Generation.

Emphasising that she had “never neglected Girls’ Generation’s activities”, Jessica explained that she could not pull the brakes on BLANC just one month after its launch, due to the contract with her business partner. Jessica had another meeting with S.M. on Sept 16, to gain approval for her continuation with both her business and Girls’ Generation.

However, despite her best efforts to come to a compromise, she was suddenly served a notice of departure from Girl’s Generation on Sept 29, which prevented her from attending a fanmeet in China on the next day and subsequent Girls' Generation activities from then on.

In the press release, Jessica reiterated that Girls' Generation is "the best thing that ever happened to me" and was heartbroken to have been forced out of it after she devoted 15 years to it. She added that her exit was an outcome which she did not wish for and apologised to the fans for causing concern.

“I’ve always treasured Girls’ Generation and I will continue to do so. Thank you for supporting and loving me,” she concluded.

Her statement was published shortly after her rumoured boyfriend Tyler Kwon updated his Weibo with two posts, one which emphasised that he has “no plans to get married” and another with an encouraging message for Jessica. He wrote: “Hey, hang in there! The truth about what really happened will be known - we all got your back!”

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