Kim Soo Hyun considering small-screen return

The actor is said to be considering a role in Doctor Frankenstein

Kim Soo Hyun considering small-screen return

Photo: HB Entertainment

Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun is considering making his small-screen return after his last role in mega hit, You Who Came from the Stars. The lead character in Doctor Frankenstein is described as a genius doctor that has multiple personality disorder.

A representative from his management company, Keyeast Entertainment, responded to the reports, “Kim Soo Hyun’s role in Doctor Frankenstein is being carefully considered but no decisions have been made yet.”

They continued, “We are considering other projects, including dramas and movies so we want to be careful with our words. We have yet to decide if (whichever project we choose) will be his last before he enlists.”

The drama will be helmed by writer Kim Tae Hee (Sungkyunkwan Scandal). Raemongraein, the production company behind Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Night Watchman’s Journal, will produce Doctor Frankenstein.

The 26-year-old’s past two dramas, The Moon That Embraces the Sun and You Who Came from the Stars, were mega-hits that dominated broadcast viewership ratings and elevated Kim Soo Hyun to greater levels of popularity, especially in China.

He was hit by a scandal when Koreans questioned his loyalty to his country after endorsing a Chinese mineral water brand that was named after a mountain which Koreans consider as part of their ancestral origin. The mountain is called Baekdu in Korean and Changbai in Mandarin.

Doctor Frankenstein has yet to confirm its broadcast date and network.

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