Kim Soo Hyun falsely accused of prostitution

Kim Soo Hyun falsely accused of prostitution 

疯传金秀贤中国嫖妓被捕 遭三警包围脸色难看2.jpg

South Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun has been falsely accused of getting arrested for prostitution, after a digitally altered photo of him was circulated online recently.

In the picture titled “Kim Soo Hyun shockingly arrested in Huangpi for prostitution”, the You Who Came From The Stars actor had an awkward expression and was surrounded by three policemen. The image was also photoshopped with the logo of a Chinese TV station, which misled many netizens to believe that the news was true.

疯传金秀贤中国嫖妓被捕 遭三警包围脸色难看1.jpg

However, sharp-eyed fans soon pointed out that the original photo was taken at Guangzhou airport on Oct 4. Soo Hyun, who has been frequently visiting China for work in recent months, had to be escorted by security guards as the crowd was out of control.

After returning to Korea on that same day, the 26-year-old actor attended the “Marie Claire Asia Star Awards” in Busan, which proved that Soo Hyun is indeed a victim of the prank.   

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