Kim Soo Hyun turns down drama role in Doctor Frankenstein

The actor declined the project after he was reported to have been considering it favourably

Kim Soo Hyun turns down drama role in Doctor Frankenstein

Photo: HB Entertainment

Looks like fans of Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun will have to wait a little longer to see him on your small-screens.

The 26-year-old was confirmed to have been considering the lead role in a drama, Doctor Frankenstein, in which the character is described to be a genius doctor with multiple personality disorder, but has ultimately decided against taking up the role.

His last drama, You Who Came from the Stars, ended its run on Korean screens on February 27 and spurred him to even greater heights of popularity.

A representative from his agency, Keyeast Entertainment, revealed that the actor is still considering project offers and has yet to reach a decision on which to take up for his next role. The rep confirmed, “We’re looking for the best project – one that fits perfectly in terms of character, story and even timing. His previous projects did well so there is a sort of responsibility and stress when it comes to picking his future work.”

He concluded, “Kim Soo Hyun really loves acting so he’s the kind of person who will choose his projects carefully; thus the process is taking a little longer. We’re intending to decide on one in the New Year and display a new side of him.”

His co-star Jun Ji Hyun, however, started filming a new movie Assassination in October this year. Prior to You Who Came from the Stars, the pair collaborated on the box-office hit The Thieves

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