Ladies’ Code RiSe succumbs to head injuries

The 23-year-old passed away after being involved in an accident on September 3

Ladies’ Code RiSe succumbs to head injuries

Ladies’ Code RiSe passed away yesterday morning (Sept 7), four days after being involved in a serious car accident that claimed the life of fellow member Eunbi.

The 23-year-old sustained severe head injuries and underwent over 11 hours of surgery on the day of the accident. Her surgery was halted due to dangerously low blood pressure; she passed away without regaining consciousness.

Polaris, their label, stated in a press release that her parents and agency officials were by her side when she passed.  Prior to her death, fans and fellow celebrities alike tweeted their well-wishes for her to regain consciousness.

The label stated, “RiSe drew her final breath even though every attempt at surgery and treatment was attempted after (RiSe) sustained serious head injuries during the accident that occurred in the early morning of September 3.”

Eunbi’s funeral was held on September 5 and was attended by members Ashley and Zuny despite their injuries. Sojung was unable to attend as her injuries were more severe and she underwent surgery for her facial fractures on the day of the funeral.

Despite family and friends’ efforts to keep the news from Sojung, the 21-year-old reportedly found out about Eunbi’s death before the surgery.

RiSe’s wake is being held at the Korea University Anam Hospital until September 9, which is where Eunbi’s was also held. An outpouring of grief from celebrities has followed the unfortunate news, with stars such as Yoo Jae Suk attending the wake.

There has been no official word from the police on further details on the accident.

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