Lee Min Jung gives birth to her first son

The actress announced the news in a joint statement with her husband, Lee Byung Hun 

Photo: MSteam Entertainment

Actress Lee Min Jung has given birth to a first son today (Mar 31). She announced the good news in a joint statement with her husband, Lee Byung Hun.

The press release by BH Entertainment (Lee Byung Hun’s agency) and MS Team Entertainment (Lee Min Jung’s agency) shared, “Lee Min Jung gave birth to a healthy son in a Seoul hospital in the early hours of March 31 in the presence of Lee Byung Hun, who arrived in Korea last Friday. Both mother and child are in good health and are resting well in the hospital.”

It continued, “These two persons will do their best to have a happy family with a responsibility of being parents. We ask for your blessings for the baby. Thank you.”

The news was received with mixed reactions with the public after Lee Byung Hun was found to have cheated on his wife with GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon. Although the pair was found guilty by the courts, the evidence provided strongly suggested that Lee Byung Hun had cheated on his then-pregnant wife.

The two females were originally sentenced to jail on blackmail charges but later successfully appealed to have their sentences suspended for two years.

The married couple returned to Korea from Los Angeles on February 26, where Lee Byung Hun apologised in front of media and fans for his scandal.

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