S.M. hopes to keep Tao in EXO

Tao’s father released an emotional letter asking for his son to leave the group on Weibo

S.M. hopes to keep Tao in EXO

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

The troubles never end for EXO. In the latest wave of drama, Chinese member Tao’s father uploaded an emotional letter on Weibo last night (Apr 22) asking for his son to leave the group.

He started off the letter stating that he “wrote the letter with complex feelings, because I know my decision will hurt many people, including my son Huang Zitao (Tao’s birth name). Even though I’ve reasoned a lot with him, but in his heart he might still be unable to understand or even hate me for my selfishness.”

Tao’s father emphasised on how much Tao has loved being with his group but stressed that his duty as a father is to ensure that his son can grow up healthily and happily. Stating that Tao has sustained countless injuries throughout his three years in the business, he said that finding out about his son’s accidents through social media has caused him sleepless nights where he worried about Tao’s health.

He reiterated that his motivation behind wanting Tao to leave EXO and return to China was also in order for him to receive treatment for his injuries. He also lamented that Tao had in fact missed the best treatment window, but added that he wants Tao to go home and be able to recover fully.

Adding that S.M. was originally in discussions with him about giving Tao a personal studio in China, he was disappointed to discover in the news that another member (Lay) had managed to establish one first.

This morning, S.M. responded to the news, sharing that while they felt it unfortunate for the letter to have been released in such a manner, they will continue to meet with Tao’s father to reach a constructive direction.

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