Shower Power in Korean dramas

Which Korean actors are the Kings of shower scenes?

Shower Power in Korean dramas 1 If you have watched at least three Korean dramas, you would have noticed the prevalence of shower scenes, regardless of their relevance to plot development.

K-drama heroes, for some reason, tend to brood over their troubles in the bathroom, with water trickling down their chocolate abs.

Some pioneers of shower scenes, such as Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Heon, have recently returned to flaunt their well-maintained torsos in Temptation and Obsessed respectively.

From Lee Min Ho (who bares his skin in every single show that he stars in) to everyone’s favourite alien Kim Soo Hyun and fast-rising actor Lee Jong Suk, click on to feast your eyes on the Kings of shower scenes.

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Kwon Sang Woo

Shower Power in Korean dramas 2

Where angst meets abs: Stairway to Heaven , Temptation

Back in 2003, Kwon Sang Woo first showed off his drool-worthy abs in classic drama Stairway to Heaven . In that memorable shower scene, the actor absentmindedly touches the pendant on his chest with a pensive look on his face.Sigh.

This year, Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo, the well-loved couple of Stairway to Heaven , finally made their long-awaited onscreen reunion in new series Temptation . In this 20-episode drama, Ji Woo plays an arrogant heiress Yoo Se-young, who offers Sang Woo’s heavily indebted character Cha Seok-hoon, a million dollars for four days of his time.

Besides the return of the dynamic pair, there’s something else to look forward – the comeback of Sang Woo’s shower scenes . In an episode, Seok-hoon drowns his sorrow in beer and recovers from his drunken stupor with a hot bath. From the looks of his well-defined abs, the 38-year-old definitely still has what it takes to set hearts fluttering.

Also, Temptation marks the return of CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin on the small screen, as well as miss A’s Fei’s drama debut.

Lee Min Ho

Shower Power in Korean dramas 3

Where angst meets abs: Boys over Flowers , Personal Preference , City Hunter , The Heirs

What’s a Lee Min Ho drama without the 27-year-old showing off his chiselled body?

For one, we loved the shower scene in Boys over Flowers because it was a welcome distraction from his undesirablepermed locks – even if the scene only lasted for a fleeting moment. And nothing screams narcissism more than staring at yourself in the mirror while taking a shower. You’re hot, we get it.

Min Ho upped his manliness level in City Hunter , where we had a good look at his back that was covered with scars from his assassin training. In The Heirs , the actor moved on to another league by taking a shower in public after a surf session at the beach.

Rinse and repeat, please.

Lee Jong Suk

Shower Power in Korean dramas 4

Where angst meets abs: I Hear Your Voice, No Breathing, Doctor Stranger

K-drama fans got their first glimpse of model-turned-actor Lee Jong Suk’s bare torso in a short shower scene in highly rated drama I Hear Your Voice last year.

Following his drama successes and soaring popularity, the 187 cm-tall actor starred in several movies including No Breathing, a film based on the theme of competitive swimming – which guaranteed plenty of topless appearances and shower scenes.

In his latest outing Doctor Stranger, the 24-year-old once again flaunted his toned abs while raging in the bathroom. Like many actors before him, it now seems like a must for Jong Suk to showcase his body in all of his projects.

Choi Jin Hyuk 

Shower Power in Korean dramas 5

Where angst meets abs:  Emergency Couple 

Choi Jin Hyuk first impressed us with his performance in Gu Family Book . We were slightly disappointed by his lack of screen time in star-studded drama The Heirs , but the 28-year-old made up for it with a lead role in Emergency Couple this year.

Playing an intern doctor, Jin Hyuk’s character Oh Chang Min takes a shower after getting sprayed in the face by a patient’s blood. Mandatorily, this chap spends his time in the bathroom brooding over the day’s event.

Instead of thinking about the patient or his ex-wife Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), whom he is still in love with, Chang Min’s mind is filled with the image of his in-charge Gook Cheon-soo (Lee Pil Mo) wiping the blood off his face. “He’s making me feel weird,” he said.

As if his six-pack wasn’t distracting enough, the writers had to raise more heartbeats by adding bromance to the equation.

Kim Soo Hyun 

Shower Power in Korean dramas 6

Where angst meets abs: You Who Came from the Stars

Kim Soo Hyun’s transition from boy ( Dream High) to man ( The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly) has been noteworthy. Although he already had shirtless moments in the two movies, the actor showed off an even more sculpted physique in You Who Came from the Stars , the wildly popular drama which propelled him to international fame.

While we understand that our dear alien had to protect his modesty, it felt a little odd watching him take a shower wrapped in a towel.

Song Seung Heon

Shower Power in Korean dramas 7

Where angst meets abs: My Princess , Obsessed

Well, you can’t watch a show featuring Song Seung Heon without expecting a shower scene.

This was especially apparent when promotional pictures of MBC drama My Princess were first released – the photos showed the actor wearing nothing but a towel or speedo. In the drama, Seung Heon’s character expressed his frustration by flexing his muscles under the rain shower head.

This year, the 37-year-old took on his most challenging role yet in Obsessed – an erotic movie where he "bared it all" for the first time in his decades-long acting career – which saw him film a shower scene with actress Im Ji Yeon.

Lee Dong Wook

Shower Power in Korean dramas 8

Where angst meets abs: Scent of a Woman

Lee Dong Wook, who has been mesmerising fangirls in new drama Hotel King and variety programme Roommate , is another actor with a physique that every writer wants to exploit.

In Scent of a Woman , Dong Wook’s character Kang Ji Wook recalls his encounter with female lead Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) in Okinawa while showering. During an interview, the charismatic actor admitted that such scenes are usually the catalyst for high ratings. 

“We filmed this drama during summer, so it’s actually very refreshing to be able to do it,” he laughed.


Lee Seung Gi in The King 2 Hearts

Shower Power in Korean dramas 9

Known for his megawatt smile and boy-next-door image, Lee Seung Gi surprised us with his toned body during a bubble bath scene in The King 2 Hearts.

For once, his character Lee Jae Ha wasn’t trying to cool himself down with a shower. He was, in fact, engaged in some serious conversation with his brother. We are sure they could have had this talk somewhere else, but the writers definitely had fans (and ratings) in mind.

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