Sunye and Sohee bid farewell to Wonder Girls

The pair’s words to their fans were revealed by Wonder Girls label JYP Entertainment after the announcement

Sunye and Sohee bid farewell to Wonder Girls

Photos: JYP Entertainment

Sunye and Sohee officially withdrew from the Wonder Girls yesterday (Jul 20) and ahead of the group’s comeback in August. The remaining members are Hyelim, Sunmi, Yeeun and Yubin.

In their press release, JYP Entertainment shared that Sunye has decided to devote more to her family and withdrew from the group as well as terminated her contract. They continued that Sohee withdrew because she wants to focus on what she wants to do. She signed with BH Entertainment last February to pursue her acting career.

JYP shared their words to the fans today, with former leader Sunye expressing, “I have nothing but gratitude when I look back at the eight years with everyone. The fact that you were with me is a kind of blessing and love I will never be able to return. I’ll never forget the love and support shown (towards us) in the past few years. I’ve been through a lot with the Wonder Girls members and (fans) and we’ve realised what’s precious in life. As a mother and wife, I will do my best to live life to its fullest from now on.”

Sohee admitted, “I’ve wrapped up my life as a Wonder Girl as of today and I’ll cheer for the Wonder Girls as a fan with all my heart from now on. I’m sad that I can’t be with the group and the fans who have given me the best moments of my life (but) I will do my best as actress Ahn So Hee and not let everyone down.”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls have started promotional activities for their upcoming comeback, with Sunmi’s powerful video teaser of her playing the bass released late last night (Singapore time).

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