Tablo apologises to fan

The Epik High leader made the apology after a fan expressed that she was “disappointed” by him

Tablo apologises to fan

Korean hip hop group Epik High released their first studio album, Shoebox, in almost two years earlier this month. The album was received with much fanfare with their tracks dominating Korean charts across the board.

The title track, ‘Born Hater’, grabbed headlines for boasting an impressive line-up: apart from the three members of Epik High, rappers Beenzino and Verbal Jint, WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s B.I and Bobby featured on the song, with some of the artistes also contributing to its lyrics and music.

On the album’s accompanying commentary CD, the trio were discussing ‘Born Hater’ when Tablo affectionately joked that Mino “approached us like a loser” when asking to be included in the song after seeing his fellow label mates being a part of it.

With translated transcripts surfacing on the internet, a fan misunderstood his intent and sent a tweet directed to his personal Twitter account, declaring, “I’m gonna let u know that this made me disappointed at you, really (sic)”.

He then replied with an apology, “We were joking. We love Mino. I’m a huge supporter of his art. Sorry if the joke offended you in any way!” The original poster of the comment has since privatised her Twitter account.

Epik High will begin Shoebox promotions on music shows from today (Oct 23).

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