“Unfair profit distribution” reports on Luhan said to be untrue

A third party claiming to be the good friend of the former EXO member clarified through Weibo that previous reports were untrue

“Unfair profit distribution” reports on Luhan said to be untrue

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

It was recently reported that former EXO member Luhan, who nullified his contract with label S.M. Entertainment last Friday, had accused the company for “unfair profit distribution” and “intrusion of his personal life”.

Previous reports said that the Chinese singer had blamed S.M. for intruding his personal life, arranging activities for him regardless of his health condition, resulting in fatigue from irregular sleep and meal times as well as other illnesses like insomnia, breathing difficulties and chest discomfort.

Luhan also reportedly said that he was paid only approximately KRW$530million (approximately S$630,000) last year, a sum “too little for a popular group like EXO with a packed schedule”.

However, a Chinese photographer, who goes by the moniker ‘Lao Gao’ and claims to be Luhan’s good friend and ex-classmate, refuted those claims through Weibo yesterday. He wrote: “Luhan and his family members never did any interviews with overseas media. The reports are not telling the truth.”

Seoul Central District Court officially began investigating the lawsuit yesterday and will arrange for both Luhan and S.M. to attend court hearings. But it is said that the court will first persuade both parties to resolve the dispute via mediation.

Luhan has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

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