We Got Married to introduce new couples

The show is said to have begun the casting process for their new cast members

We Got Married to introduce new couples

Photos: Yura's Twitter (@Girls_Day_Yura), Kim So Eun's Twitter (@kimso_), Hong Jin Young's Instagram (@sambahong)

Fans of We Got Married have received bittersweet news about the Korean reality series.

The show, which is currently in its fourth season, will bid farewell to two of its three couples – Namgoong Min & Hong Jin Young and Hong Jong Hyun & Girl’s Day’s Yura.

The production team confirmed that the two couples have wrapped up their respective final filming sessions and will continue to have content aired on the show’s weekly episodes. They have yet to put a definite date on when they will conclude their reel-life marriages, only sharing that they will continue to use currently available content to air their respective segments.

Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young have been on the show since March 2014, with their departure coinciding with their one-year anniversary. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura have been on We Got Married since June 2014.

Jong Hyun and Yura were thrust under the spotlight earlier this year when dating rumours between the actor and After School’s Nana surfaced. His representatives denied the rumours and the show’s producers confirmed that the pair would continue with their roles on the show.

Likewise, Kim So Eun, who is virtually married to Song Jae Rim, was also under intense scrutiny after dating rumours between her and actor Son Ho Joon emerged. She later apologised to Song Jae Rim on-air, to which he assured that she “didn’t have to apologise to me because of it”.

Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim will continue to be a couple on the show as the production crew searches for new faces to add to the cast.

While no potential names have been mentioned, the production team has shared that they will seek to reinvent the show by adding new elements to We Got Married.

We Got Married airs every Saturday on MBC and currently features Namgoong Min, Hong Jin Young, Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.

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