Who will be YG’s next artiste to have a comeback?

The entertainment giant updated their official blog with the mysterious images today (March 25)

Photos: YG Entertainment

YG fans have much to look forward to with the entertainment giant updating their official blog with a mysterious teaser this morning (March 25).

The first teaser was an image of a timer sits atop what appears to be a bundle of dark grey bundle of dynamite with 201504XX displayed prominently. The two X’s were later revealed to be the numbers 01 in a second teaser, forming the full date of April 1.

The text, ‘Who’s Next?’ has yet to be changed, causing many to wonder which artiste will be the next from the label to have their comeback.

This teaser comes less than a week after YG declared that BIGBANG’s comeback details will be revealed soon, raising hopes from their fans that they will finally make their Korean return after almost three years.

BIGBANG has previously delayed their comeback multiple times due to varying reasons but has promised fans to return this year. VIP (BIGBANG’s fans) are likely to keep their eyes and ears firmly peeled for more updates as there has been no timeline confirmed for the continued release of information.

BIGBANG last released their mini album Alive and its repackaged version Still Alive in February and June 2012 respectively.

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