Woollim condemns sexual harassment accusations against Lovelyz’s Jisoo

The label has refuted all rumours and promised to take action against those spreading the rumours

Woollim condemns sexual harassment accusations against Lovelyz’s Jisoo

The debut of Woollim Entertainment’s upcoming eight-member girl group Lovelyz has been marred by serious sexual harassment rumours surrounding one of its members, Jisoo.

Among the accusations are that she has role-played existing idols such as members from label mate INFINITE and fantasised about raping other members.

A group of Korean netizens claiming to be victims of her abuse and rape also uploaded their accounts of her harassment and backed up their claims with photographic evidence.

Woollim has pledged to take legal action against those who have been spreading “false rumours” and have declared that “a formal investigation in order to impose punishment on those creating and spreading the rumours” will be launched.

They continued, “Woollim Entertainment will take strong legal action against these accusations that are being spread just before the group’s debut. As long as the lawsuit is in action, there will not be any settlements.”

International netizens have taken to various SNS outlets to debunk some of the ‘proof’ that were uploaded by her purported victims that claimed that they had Jisoo’s selcas that were sent only to them.

Lovelyz pre-released their ‘Good Night Like Yesterday’ music video on November 9 and will release their debut album GIRLS’ INVASION on November 17.

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