ZEST postpones comeback indefinitely after rape allegations

The female behind the allegations is said to also be in the entertainment industry

ZEST postpones comeback indefinitely after rape allegations

Photo: Zenith Media Contents

South Korean boy group ZEST has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. One of its members, who is still unnamed at press time, was accused of raping a female in her 20s.

Their agency, Zenith Media Contents, has strongly denied the accusations and has pledged to take legal action against the female. They added that she is also part of the industry and that she belongs in an inactive idol group.

Explaining that the ZEST member met the female with good feelings, they ruled out sexual assault and added that they have evidence of her pressuring the agency and declared that they will reveal phone conversation if she continues to make untrue allegations against their artiste.

Zenith has further confirmed that the group’s comeback, which was initially scheduled for April, will be postponed indefinitely as the damage done to the group’s name has been too great for them to consider promotions at this point of time.

The Gangnam Police Department confirmed that a report was made on March 5 by a woman who claimed that a ZEST member raped her twice over a span of a few days. A representative has shared that the department is currently investigating the incident and that no conclusions have been reached yet.

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